Rev. Twanda Prioleau a native of Baltimore, Maryland, is a Wife, Mother, Pastor, Teacher, and Preacher. She is a graduate of Morgan State University where she received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Accounting in December 2003. She matriculated through Lancaster Bible College seeking a Master’s Degree in Leadership studies until transferring in her last year to Lancaster Theological Seminary where she received a Masters of Divinity degree in May 2010. During her time at Lancaster Theological Seminary, she worked for the Leadership Now Department giving attention to the internal and external needs of the department in the area of diversity. In March 2011, Pastor Prioleau completed Clinical Pastoral Education at York County Hospital in Pennsylvania.


Called to preach the gospel in 1997, Pastor Prioleau has been preaching the gospel for over 20 years and has preached throughout Maryland and Pennsylvania. She was ordained in the Baptist Denomination in May 2002 and after studying United Methodist History and Polity in Seminary she joined the United Methodist Denomination. In May 2016, Pastor Prioleau was ordained a full elder in the United Methodist Church.


In July 2011, Pastor Prioleau was appointed as the Associate Pastor of John Wesley United Methodist Church (Baltimore City) where the late Rev. Dr. Bruce F. Haskins served as the Senior Pastor. As Associate Pastor, she had the primary responsibility for the development and strengthening of ministries as related to Radical Hospitality and Risk-Taking Mission and Service. She currently serves on the BWC Baltimore District Committee on Ordained Ministry, Committee on Ethnic Local Church Concerns (Strengthening the Black Church), National Black Clergy Women, Treasurer for the BWC Black Clergy Women and Gilchrist Diversity and Inclusion Council - Outreach Sub-Committee.


In October 2015, Pastor Prioleau was appointed the senior pastor of Christ United Methodist Church (Baltimore City).


Prior to her role as a Pastor, Pastor Prioleau served as the Youth and Young Adult Minister of Friendship Baptist Church. With a mission of empowering and engaging youth for ministry, Pastor Prioleau trained youth to be leaders. During her time as the Youth and Young Adult Minister, she developed a comprehensive plan for the youth ministry, engaging the faith community as they respond to the needs and gifts of the youth and young adults. She served a ministry of 15 advisors and over 150 youth. Her desire is to teach young girls to embrace and live by Solomon 8:4 “Oh daughters of Jerusalem Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires.” Pastor Prioleau also served as the Director of Friendship Outreach Center, a non-profit organization taking a holistic approach to ministry meeting the physical and spiritual needs of the community.


Pastor Prioleau believes she has been appointed for “such a time as this.” She has a love for the Lord and wholeheartedly believes and embraces Jeremiah 29:11, "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."


The Rev. Twanda Prioleau


Pastor Prioleau believes

she has been appointed for

“such a time as this.”